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Radiative kaon capture processes : K⁻p --> Y [gamma] and K⁻d --> [Lambda] n [gamma] Workman, Ronald Lester


The radiative capture reactions K⁻p → ΛƳ, K⁻p → Ʃ⁰Ƴ and K⁻d → An Ƴ are investigated. Branching fractions are calculated for the K⁻p reactions within a pole model alternatively utilizing both pseudoscalar and pseudovector coupling schemes. The photon spectrum has been calculated for the K⁻d → AnƳ within an impulse approximation model. The above calculations are particularly important as new and more precise data pertaining to the above reactions are expected from a recent Brookhaven experiment. Both the pseudoscalar and pseudovector coupling schemes give branching fractions within the current experimental bounds. Sensitivity to the Λ(1405) resonance is explored and improved constraints are determined for its contribution. A transition operator is also derived for use in the K⁻d → AnƳ calculation. Our methods and results are compared with those of other recent calculations of these reactions. The K⁻d → AnƳ photon spectrum is also calculated in order to explore its sensitivity to the Λ — n final state interaction. The high energy end of the photon spectrum is found to be sensitive to the choice of Λ — n scattering parameters, yet relatively insensitive to the contributions from ƩN → Λn conversion, the choice of deuteron wavefunctions and momentum dependence in the transition operator.

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