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Study of lithium intercalation in titanium disulphide using time differential perturbed angular correlations Surono, Djoko


Lithium intercalation into layered compound TiS₂ was studied using time-differential perturbed angular correlations (TDPAC). Fast electrochemical intercalation was performed to bring Li atoms into the host. The probe atoms ¹⁸¹ Hf registered two nuclear quadrupole interactions corresponding to the empty host TiS₂ with quadrupole frequency ⅴq₁=461(5) MHz and a high packing density LixTiS₂. (x≈l) compound with quadrupole frequency ⅴq₂=599(6) MHz. The contribution fractions of both interactions evolved as a function of charge transport, nF. The second intercalation becomes dominant at nF > 0.3. No evidence was found for intermediate x values.

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