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Operational characteristics of ion cyclotron resonance cells Woods, Ian Barry


A prerequisite to the correct interpretation of experimentally observed results in ion cyclotron resonance cells is the detailed knowledge of ion motions in the cell under all operating conditions. Thus far the theories in the literature do not satisfy such a criterion and a more detailed development is presented in this thesis. A significant result is the realization that shifts in the cyclotron resonance fields give information concerning the spatial distribution of ions in the ICR cell. Such information is vital in many experiments. In addition, the theory predicts and explains the experimental behaviour of the ICR apparatus under variation of the operating parameters and hence replaces the available theories as being more comprehensive. The ICR cell is used to measure an average cross section for the photodissociation of H[sup +/ sub 2], and to place an upper limit on the controversial photodissociation cross section of CH[sup +/ sub 4].

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