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Non-radiative positive pion absorption by deuterons at 49 mev Duesdieker, Giles Anthony


The reaction π⁺D→pp was investigated at a pion lab kinetic energy of 49 MeV in a companion study to the elastic reaction π⁺D→ π⁺D at the 184” cyclotron of the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory. Although evidence for d- wave absorption had been found by other experimenters at energies above 150 MeV, little evidence for this process was indicated in our analysis of this experiment. A least-squares fit of the center of mass differential cross sections to the standard parameterization Dσ*/dΩ* = Kπ[A+Cos²θ*] yielded the values Kπ = 0.745 ± .017 and A = 0.286 ± .009, indicating a total cross section of 5.80 ±16 millibarns.

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