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The design of the RF system for the TRIUMF cyclotron Prochazka, Antonin


The basic design of the resonator system, coupling loop assembly and the resonant transmission line for the TRIUMF isochronous cyclotron is studied in detail and the beam-resonator RF field interaction is estimated using a simple model. The matching techniques which will allow a maximum power transfer from the power tube stage to the Dees are discussed. Two major computer programs have been written and are used to determine the parameters of the RF system necessary in order to obtain a desired impedance match and to find the various resonant frequencies of the RF system. The results of a large number of experimental tests carried out in order to verify the resonator electrical characteristics, to investigate the resonator frequency tuning and the resonator mechanical construction around the centre post, and to apply the proposed matching technique to the TRIUMF RF system, are given. The results from the prototype resonator segments and the transmission line tested at high power both in air and under high vacuum indicate that the RF system performance is compatible with the cyclotron operation.

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