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The Lorentz-Lorenz function of ethane Burton, Michel Alan


This study measured the Lorentz-Lorenz function for ethane as determined by [formula omitted] for densities from 1 to 200 amagats, where ℒ is the Lorentz-Lorenz function, ρ is the density, and n is the index of refraction for a wavelength of 6328 Å. ℒ was found to be constant to within ½ % with an average value of .3794± .0003 cc/gm for values of ℒ corresponding to ∣ρ−ρc∣ ≤ .2. The index of refraction of ethane was measured by using a light-weight cell which had two sapphire windows set at an angle to each other and through which a plane wave of monochromatic light was passed. A micrometer-driven mirror was used to direct the light into a collimating telescope and the angle of deflection was then related to n. ρ was measured by weighing the cell and its contents on a precision balance. Ethane could be released from the cell to vary ρ. The coexistence curve was measured and three parameters used to fit the curve. This enabled extrapolation for the critical temperature which was found to be 32.079 ± .001 °C . Extrapolation of the rectilinear diameter gave a critical density of .2062 ± .0003 gm/cc.

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