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Polarization transfer in deuterium at intermediate energies Felawka, Larry Thomas


A set of experiments to determine the optimum polarization transfer parameter for the production of polarized neutron beams using the reaction D(p,n) 2p and to determine the optimum neutron production angle are described. Measurements of the variation of neutron polarization with energy at a neutron production angle of 9° in the lab. and of the analyzing power for neutrons of a polarimeter containing a 6 cm. thick carbon target are also described. The polarization transfer parameter R[sub t] was found to be about 5 times as large as the parameter D[sub t] for neutrons emerging at 9° in the lab. at 210 and 343 MeV incident proton energies, and of the same order as D[sub t] at 516 MeV. The neutron polarization peaked at about 10° at 210 and 343 MeV and was relatively insensitive to angle at 516 MeV. For neutrons emerging at 9°, R[sub t] was observed to decrease from -.94±.12 at 237 MeV to -.49±.07 at 516 MeV.

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