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Development of a laser oscillator-amplifier combination and a multi-channel spectral detection system for light scattering experiments Albach, Gary George


In preparation for laser light scattering experiments on plasmas in magnetic fields a pulsed ruby laser has been developed in conjunction with a multichannel spectral analyser for detection of the scattered light. The laser, consisting of separate oscillator and amplifier rods has a spectral line width of .08 Å at powers up to 100 Megawatts. The use of a Pockels Cell as the Q-switch permits accurate synchronization with the spectral analyser and all external electronics. For the multichannel detection system five fiber optics slit bundles transmit light from the output of a monochromater to five photomultipiier tubes, which are gated on for 100 nsec during the laser pulse. The pulses are displayed sequentially to give an intensity vs. wavelength profile on an oscilloscope screen.

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