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A nuclear magnetic resonance study of the quadrupolar interaction in dilute aluminum alloys Campbell, Graham Roderick


Satellite lines originating from the first nearest neighbours have been observed on the Al²⁷ N.M.R. spectrum in dilute single crystal samples of Al-Mn and Al-Cr. The field and orientation dependence of the satellite position has revealed the quadrupole coupling constant and asymmetry parameter of [formula omitted] = 60 ± 1kHz and [formula omitted] = -0.01 ± 0.005 for Al-Cr, and [formula omitted] = 19 ± 1kHz, [formula omitted] = -0.08 ± 0.02 for Al-Mn. An anisotropic magnetic perturbation of ∆ K[₁₁₁] = -0.05 ± 0.01% and ∆ K[₀₀₁] = -(0.07 ± 0.1)% in Al-Mn is attributed to a spin density perturbation at the impurity sites. The Al-Cr results agree with those of Janossy and Gruner [18] and Minier and Berthier [22]. The satellite line observed in the Al-Mn system was also seen by Launois and Alloul [2], with approximately the same values of [formula omitted] and ∆ K.

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