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An optical model study of the small angle elastic scattering of neutrons from lead, bismuth, and uranium at 4.2 mev Forrester, Glen Campbell


An Optical Model study has "been made for the elastic scattering of 4.2 MeV. neutrons from three heavy nuclei, Lead, Bismuth and Uranium. The Optical Model used included a real, imaginary, and spin-orbit potential well. Its parameters were determined from a least square fitting to the experimental scattering data available in the literature for angles from 15 to 180 degrees. The model is then used to estimate the nuclear scattering to be expected at small scattering angles. It is shown that Schwinger scattering and incident neutron polarization significantly alter the shape of the elastic cross section at angles less than 10 degrees. At 5 degrees this change is about 3%. Additional effects due to Electric Polarizability scattering are shown to be very small and not sufficient for a determination of the polarizability of the neutron from the elastic scattering data at this energy.

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