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Studies in the optical spectrum of singly ionized sodium, Na II Wu, Chien-Ming


The spectrum of the singly ionized sodium ion, Na II, has been photographed in the region between 350 Ɣ and 9000 Ɣ using as sources a condensed electrodeless discharge and a condensed spark in helium. Exposures were taken on a 3-meter normal-incidence vacuum grating spectrograph, on a 21-foot concave grating spectrograph, on a Hilger E-478 large interchangeable quartz and glass prism spectrograph, and Fabry-Perot interferometer. The term system has been revised and much extended. Five hundred and twenty-seven lines (with twenty doubly identified) are classified as combinations between sixty-two odd levels and seventy-one even levels. The ionization limits, 2s² 2p⁵(²P₃⁄₂) and 2s² 2p⁵ (²P₁⁄₂), have been redetermined as 381390.2 cm⁻¹ and 382756.6 cm⁻¹ (±2.0 cm⁻¹).

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