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Study of the field induced spectrum of hydrogen at high resolution Buijs, Hendricus Leonardus


The static field induced absorption spectrum of hydrogen has been investigated at high resolution and with reliable frequency calibration over the density range from 1.5 amagat to 28 amagat. Frequencies have been extrapolated to zero density in order to obtain molecular constants for the isolated molecule. Line profiles have been compared with various functions and the simple dispersion profile seems to fit the data best over the density range studied. The linewidth, however, decreases with density until it reaches a minimum at about 2.5 amagat below which it starts to increase again. The minimum width is about 4 times less than the width of the classical doppler line. This behavior of the line width is consistent with the phenomena of "collision narrowing" in the infrared. From the intensities of the lines we obtain the isotropic polarizability (α )₁₋₀ = 1.21 cm³.

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