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A study of positron annihilation in copper alloys Becker, Ernest Henry


An apparatus for the study of positron annihilation containing some novel new features has been constructed and has been used to study disordered copper alloys in order to investigate the value of this technique in determining the electron momentum distribution. The concentrated alloys Cu₉₀Al₁₀ Cu₈₅Zn₁₅, Cu₇₀Zn₁₅Ni₁₅ and Cu₆₀Ni₄₀ have been studied and effects attributed to the details of the Fermi surface of these alloys observed. In particular, the [lll} necks in the Fermi surfaces of these alloys have been observed and the widths of these necks measured. The cutoffs corresponding to the Fermi radius kf of these alloys have been measured. An anisotropy in the annihilation of positrons with electrons in the filled Brillouin zones has been measured and an unusual effect attributed to the d-band electrons of these alloys has been observed.

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