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Temperature dependence of ESR in CdS (I) Perkin, Ronald Gordon


Previous measurements on CdS (I) have shown a temperature shift in the single electron spin resonance (ESR) impurity band line. At 34 GHz this shift was found to be: dg= - 2.5 x 10ˉ ⁴/°K dT in going from 4.2°K to 1.7°K. This thesis presents the construction and testing of a metal temperature controlled dewar for the purpose of measuring the shift over the temperature range from 40°K to 1.7°K using an X-band (9 GHz)spectrometer. The signal was observed between 1.7°K and 4.2°K but rapidly broadened and could not be seen at higher temperatures. Since the lowest attainable temperature of the metal dewar was around 5°K, it could not be used as planned. Further studies using glass dewars proved that the g-shift at 9 GHz was too small, to be measured. The theory for the g-shift is discussed and the performance of the dewar evaluated.

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