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Isotope effect on the Neel temperature of hydrated manganese chloride crystals Yue, Chung Leung


The Néel temperatures of both the hydrated and 96% deuterated single crystal specimen of antiferromagnetic manganese chloride, have been compared. The sample was placed in the tank circuit of a radio-frequency oscillator; the inductance of the coil and hence the frequency of oscillation thus depended on the susceptibility of the specimen. As the crystal in the liquid helium bath was warmed through the Neel temperature, the oscillation frequency was monitored by a frequency counter. By this method, the Neel temperature could be deduced to change by -2.3% when the crystal was 96% deuterated. This result is comparable to the measurements on CoCl₂.6H₂O and CuCl₂.2H₂O. A semi-quantitative explanation proposes an intimate relationship between the superexchange interaction and the hydrogen bond strength.

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