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Investigation of the selfpressure broadening of the Ne [Lambda] 6074.3 A° line profile by Zeeman scanning Burnett, John Crawford Duncan


The shape of the Ne.λ6074.3 A° absorption line profile has been investigated using the Zeeman scanning technique. Neon glow discharges at three pressures, 2 Torr, 50 Torr, and 100 Torr, were used as absorbers while a 2 Torr Geissler tube was used as the source. The self-pressure broadening of the observed line was clearly observed and the rate of broadening compares well with theoretical estimates made from the impact theory with a van der Waals interaction assumed. No shift was detected, in contradiction to the theory. This lack of shift, and the rate of pressure broadening observed, were in agreement with the results of Smith (14) regarding the shift and broadening of the Ca.λ6573 A° line by neon.

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