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Proposed study of the reaction, 7Li(3He,da)4He, with a time-of-flight scattering chamber. Mint, Edward Theodore


The reaction, ⁷Li(³He,dα)⁴He, is proposed to search for an asymmetry about the direction of motion of ⁶Li in the breakup of the 4.57 MeV excited state of this nucleus as an intermediate state. This follows after the discovery in 1967 by Reimann et. al. of such an asymmetry about the direction of motion of ⁵Li in the breakup of the ground state of this nucleus, as an intermediate state in the reaction, ⁶Li(³He,pα)⁴He. The purpose of these experiments is to attempt some understanding of the three-body reaction mechanisms involved, and the manner in which the various particles are correlated in the intermediate state. The three-body kinematics of the reaction, ⁷Li(³He,dα)⁴He were thoroughly investigated, and because of particle identification problems, a charged particle time-of-flight technique was proposed to distinguish the emitted deuterons from alpha particles. A 23 inch scattering chamber was designed and constructed for this and other work, and subsequently tested using the reaction ⁷Li(p,α)⁴He.

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