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Fourier spectroscopy in the far infrared Strohmaier, Ronald Murray


An infrared Fourier spectrophotometer has "been set up in the solid state laboratory of the University of British Columbia. A cryostat has been built and adapted to the spectrometer. A computer program to analyze the data and plot the spectrum has been written. As a demonstration of the system's capability, the transmission spectrum from 40 cmˉ¹ to 330 cmˉ¹ of boron doped silicon was obtained for the sample at liquid helium temperature. This spectrum was compared to earlier work done by Colbow in the region 240 cmˉ¹ to 330 cmˉ¹. A spectrum of boron and indium doped silicon was Investigated in the hope of finding Bˉ and In⁺ ionized centres. These were not found at the impurity concentrations and temperatures used. A transmission spectrum of intrinsic silicon at liquid helium temperature was obtained for the region 40 cmˉ¹ to 330 cmˉ¹ A comparison of the above spectra suggests that the low energy tail of the boron doped and boron and indium doped samples is due to a frequency dependent value of reflectivity as Is seen from the spectrum for intrinsic silicon.

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