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Many-quantum transitions in the conduction electron spin system of lithium metal. Koss, Terry A.


Resonance absorption spectra have been observed which may be interpreted as many-quantum transitions where the axis of quantization is along the effective magnetic field in the rotating frame. By this description, resonances which required up to five quanta were observed. The spin system used was that of conduction electrons of lithium metal in neutron irradiated lithium fluoride crystals. An analysis of the experimental results using a modified Bloch equation under the assumption that Ƭ₁= Ƭ₂= Ƭ 1.5x10 ̄⁷sec. and that the spin system relaxes toward the instantaneous field is presented. A brief outline of the concept of spin temperature is included. A comparison is made between some of the predictions of the spin temperature concept and the simple Bloch theory used in analyzing the experimental data.

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