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Thin films of Gallium Antimonide by flash evaporation. Ryall, Patrick Randall


A flash evaporation system is constructed in order to deposit thin films of Gallium Antimonide. The system includes a substrate heater-holder, a film thickness monitoring device and a powdered evaporant feeder. Thin films of GaSb, 2 to 4 microns thick are deposited on glass, sapphire and silicon substrates maintained at temperatures up to 365°C. The deposited films are observed to have many structural defects. The films exhibit semiconductor-like properties. Optical studies of the fundamental absorption edge at liquid-nitrogen temperature show that the films deposited on heated sapphire substrates have a polycrystalline structure and a band gap of 0.78 eV. The nature of the films is dependent on the type and temperature of the substrate.

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