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A study of the "roast-reaction" of lead sulfide Merrick, Stephen James


The kinetics and mechanism of the "roast-reaction" of lead sulfide have been examined. The investigation, partitioned by the nature of the problem, included a study of (a) the "roast" which is the several reactions between galena (lead sulfide) and oxygen (or air) yielding oxides, sulfates and basic sulfates of lead, and (b) the reduction "reaction", between lead sulfide and the oxidation products of the roast leading to the production of lead metal. The mechanism of the roasting of lead sulfide does not lead to the formation of distinct PbO and PbSO₄ phases. The products appear to be a mixture of basic sulfates throughout. The rate of the reaction between PbS and PbO or PbSO₄ has been shown to be controlled by the transport of SO₂ from the reacting surface with gas velocities up to 5 cm./min. Under conditions of reduced pressure (

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