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The role of expert systems in supervisory control applications Benford, Paul Michael


The development of control systems that incorporate aspects of Artificial Intelligence into their strategy has become a reality for engineering and manufacturing companies. Expert systems, as a branch of AI technology have attained a foothold in real-time control and in doing so have established credibility through many successfully engineered applications. When applying AI to control and monitoring systems, a developer must use new ways to acquire and represent process knowledge. Knowledge Engineering, a new field of Engineering, requires proficiency in the techniques of interviewing experts, guiding experts in their discussions and representing the knowledge gleaned from such interviews into statements in a rule base of procedural code. The approach to knowledge acquisition and some of the pitfalls involved in developing expert systems for real-time control and monitoring are discussed. The descriptions of two leading expert system packages, Comdale/X© and Comdale/C©, are given with case examples, in order to show the development steps and potential benefits of this technology.

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