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The evaluation of haulage truck size effects on open pit mining Bozorgebrahimi, Enayagollah


This thesis investigates the effects of equipment size selection on the economics of open pit mining. The work presented, illustrates the importance of considering equipment selection in the wider context of the entire mine. A methodology is presented for evaluating the various variables that are affected by equipment size, Equipment Size Sensitive Variables, (ESSV) that will aid the industry in making more effective equipment selection decisions. Initially, the thesis explores, classifies and discusses ESSVs. The importance of these variables and identified interrelationships are highlighted through mathematical and discrete event simulation methods. The research uses a set of case studies to show that the influence of the ESSV extends beyond the central mine production to encompass the mill, environment and community. The work reveals that some ESSVs such as reliability, tire cost and productivity are related to the current equipment technology therefore their effects are comparable for different mines, while other ESSVs are related to the mine and deposit characteristics, therefore their effects vary from mine to mine. Through the synthesis and enhancement of existing work this thesis develops techniques for the economic evaluation of equipment size and shows that the use of larger equipment has significant cost effects for some mines on other areas of the operation such as the mill. The techniques developed for ESSV evaluation include integration of orebody modeling, mine design, mill performance prediction, equipment production and maintenance costs. As typical of many research products the results show the need and importance for further work to enhance the knowledge developed about ESSV and the effect of scale on the mining industry.

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