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Design guidelines for a magnetically propelled hoisting system Ulansky, Ryan William


Magnetically propelled hoisting is a novel system for moving containers full of rock in underground mines. Current practice is to hoist these containers, called skips, to surface using a cable. In a magnetically propelled hoisting system, the cables are replaced by a tubular linear motor. The research began with a detailed literature search on hoisting, magnetic levitation, pneumatic transport, and mining applications. Virtual modeling, kinetic modeling, simulation, and analysis were used to formulate a number of design options. The project resulted in the construction of a testbed where future research into the concept of Magnetically-Propelled Hoisting can be continued. The testbed should enable analysis of: electrical delivery system, control system design, skip design, instrumentation configuration, speed-payload variation, multi-vehicles, and system orientation amongst other design criteria. Some preliminary testing has indicated the following: achieved speed of 2m/s, horizontal through vertical motion of the skip, controlled motion of 2 skips, controlled acceleration, braking, and reversing of the skip. A risk assessment shows that the hoisting system failure potential to be low and likely controllable. A 96% mechanical availability is likely. A preliminary economic assessment shows that a MagLev system can be competitive with a conventional hoisting system with similar capital and operating costs. Several advantages over conventional hoisting were demonstrated regarding economic and mine mill integration. In addition the research has highlighted a number of potential problems with the concept that may hinder its acceptance by the mining industry.

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