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Investigation into the improvement of tire management practices Zhou, Jie


Mining mobile equipment is becoming larger in order to lower operation cost and increase productivity; however, their performance characteristics are often limited by the tire capabilities. Although considerable progress has been made in the field of tire research, the lack of quantitative research on tire performance characteristics impedes the advancement of off-the-road tires. This is due to the complexity and severity of tire interactions with the surrounding environment and the difficulty in assessing the impact of these interactions on tire life. Longer haul roads, and a severe operating environment make tires more vulnerable than other components of a vehicle. Furthermore, due to a thriving mining industry and a lack of tire production capacity, there is a world wide shortage of tires. As such mines and tire service companies are interested in finding suitable tire shortage coping strategies to improve tire performance, extend tire life and hence lower operating costs. This thesis presents the work done in a collaborative research project between the University of British Columbia and Fountain Tire Mine Service Ltd. This thesis reviews the relevant tire performance research, analyzes tire interactions with the surrounding environment, tire maintenance practices such as managing air pressure and rotation, and operational issues using case studies based on data collected from two mines. The research resulted in enhanced understanding of the impact of some factors and practices on off-the-road tires in mining application, as well the research provide a basis for improved tire management.

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