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A new contouring algorithm for the U.B.C. controller Seethaler, Rudolf


Conventional servo controllers are not able to provide the high degree of accuracy that is required in many robotic and contour machining applications. New control algorithms are usually difficult to implement in practical machining or robotics environments, since they require extremely fast computer hardware, or a very exact model of the plant. Such algorithms also usually assume that the drive system may be modeled as a linear system; unfortunately this assumption is often violated during contouring operations. The objective of the work reported in this thesis is to utilize the special architecture of the UBC controller to allow the development of control algorithms that allow high speed contouring operations to be undertaken with automatic, real time, error control. The system has been simulated and tested in situations which result in significant non linearity, (sharp corner tracking being a particularly important example.) The results of these tests indicate that the system is able to achieve contouring performance that is better than other systems described in the literature to date.

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