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Inviscid flow from a slot into a cross stream Stropky, Dave


The problem of the oblique injection of a secondary stream into a free stream of different total pressure (non-isoenergetic) has practical application in many physical situations such as in the film cooling of gas turbine blades. This thesis describes a new method for predicting inviscid non-isoenergetic flow from an arbitrarily inclined slot into a uniform free stream. In the absence of flow separation the solution depends on three parameters: [i] the slot angle 13, [ii] a parameter, Cpt, describing the difference in total pressure between the free stream and slot fluids, and [iii] the ratio of densities, D, between the two fluids. For given values Cpt and 13, there exists a unique value of M2/D, where M is the ratio of mass flow of the injectant to the main stream. To guide in the development of the present theory, an isoenergetic solution (Cpt=0, D.1) was found using classical theory. Specifically, M –[-1–]),. where, X 0 < X,

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