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An experimental study of flow about an airfoil with slotted flap and spoiler using Joukowsky profiles Allan, William D. E.


An experimental study has been carried out on an airfoil with slotted flap and spoiler using Joukowsky profiles. Pressure distributions were measured as functions of angle of attack, flap deflection angle, spoiler size and inclination. The results are uncorrected for wind tunnel wall effects but the data base is available to carry out the corrections. The results will be used to compare with predictions of a theoretical model, yet to be worked out, which combines work previously done by Williams, Jandali, Parkinson and Yeung. This theory will involve the potential flow about a two-element 'near'-Joukowsky airfoil system. The secondary airfoil is a simulated slotted flap. Various size spoilers are introduced to the system at arbitrary angles of inclination using methods proposed by Parkinson and Yeung. The experimental results are qualitatively reasonable and some interesting effects are observed. The behaviour of spoilers, when used with slotted flaps at various deflection angles, corresponds well with requirements of aircraft in approach or landing situations. Similarly, the use of slotted flaps alone provides the high lift at low angle of attack which is beneficial to aircraft taking off. Some recommendations are proposed for further testing with this equipment.

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