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Fluctuating lift on cylinders of rectangular cross section in smooth and turbulent flows Namiranian, Farshid


This thesis presents an experimental investigation of the fluctuating lift (or side force) coefficient on fixed two dimensional rectangular cylinders for various free stream turbulence intensities and scales. The measurements are made using turbulence producing devices such as grids and circular rods placed upstream of the stagnation line of the model. Measurements are reported for three fixed rectangular prisms with B/H of .5, .67 and 1 where H is the frontal dimension and B is the streamwise width of the body. The method of measurement made it possible to vary the body span so that the correlation of the fluctuating side force over the body span could be investigated. It was shown that for low turbulence intensity, the spanwise correlation of the fluctuating side force over the square cylinders decreases by a large amount with increasing span. For higher turbulence intensity this decrease was reduced, and for U'/U≃10% there was essentially no decrease of fluctuating lift coefficient with increase of span.

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