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An evaluation of partially stratified charge ignition in a direct injection natural gas engine Gorby, David


The challenge of reducing tailpipe emissions, while retaining performance, continues to motivate new engine technologies. To this end, natural gas shows promise as a clean burning alternative fuel. However, an efficiency penalty of conventional spark ignited engines persists when these are fuelled by natural gas. This penalty is due to pumping losses, which arise as the intake mixture is throttled to maintain stoichiometry over the engine's operating range. Direct injection (DI), used to create a globally lean stratified charge, provides a load control method which is decoupled from throttling. Previous work has shown this concept to be viable, but plagued by poor fuel usage and high emissions of unburned hydrocarbons. Partially Stratified Charge (PSC) technology is a novel high-energy ignition method. It involves a standard spark plug, modified such that a small portion of natural gas (

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