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A novel approach to characterizing pulp fibres using pressure filtration and an interpretation of Canadian Standard Freeness Mousavi, Payam


The purpose of this project is to gain physical insight into a common measure of the drainability of papermaking fibre suspensions, that is Canadian Standard Freeness (CSF). We do so by measuring CSF of a thermomechanical pulp, refined over the range of 200 - 1200 kWh/t, and comparing this to the permeability and compressibility of the network obtained by conducting pressure filtration. Also, approximate analytical solutions to the filtration equations are presented for different regimes of the problem. We find that the changes in permeability are linearly related to the multiple of permeability and compressibility of the network. From this we are able to gain some insight into the changes in fibre morphology caused by the refining effect.

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