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A numerical procedure for the prediction of the flow field and resistance of fishing nets Chu, Franky K.Y.


This thesis presents a numerical model for the calculation of the flow field and resistance of a fishing net. This numerical method is based on the potential flow theory and an empirical formula to predict the force acting on a mesh of the netting. An experiment to determine the shape, flow field, and the resistance of a conical net has been carried out in the flume tank at the Marine Institute located at St. John's, Newfoundland, and the experimental results are presented as well. The net drag force obtained by this numerical procedure is compared with the flume tank experiments as well as with methods developed by other researchers. Although the result from the numerical model does not agree well with some methods developed by other researchers, it does have better agreement with the results obtained from the flume tank experiments. The flow field around the fishing net calculated by the numerical model at various incoming velocities is obtained.

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