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On the Galois groups of certain algebraic number fields Straight, Byron William


This thesis is concerned with the Galois groups of the root fields of the equations x[superscript]P - a = 0, (x[superscript]p - a)•(x[superscript]q - b) = 0 and (x[superscript]q - b) [superscript]p - a = 0, where p and q are distinct primes, and a and b are rationals. The correspondence of subflelds and subgroups is studied for each of the three cases. The field [formula omitted] formed by adjoining to the rational field F the elements [formula omitted and ⍺, a primitive pth root of unity, is shown to be the root field of x[superscript]p - a = 0, normal over F of degree p(p-l). The Galois group of [formula omitted] over F Is found to be the metacyclic group constructed from generators s and t subject to relations s[superscript]p = 1, t[superscript]p ⁻¹ = 1 and st = ts[superscript]r, where r is a primitive root modulo p, and where s is the automorphism which maps [formula omitted] onto [formula omitted] while t is the automorphism which maps ⍺. onto ⍺ [superscript]r. Various subgroups and corresponding subflelds are studied and nine theorems proven on their correspondences, illustrated with a partial lattice diagram. The field [formula omitted]where β is a primitive qth root of unity is shown to be the root field of (x[superscript]p - a)-(x[superscript]q - b) = 0 and the Galois group is proven to be the direct product of two of the type for the field [formula omitted]. The field [formula omitted] for i = 1, 2, 3 ... p, which is the root field of the equation (x[superscript]q - b) [superscript]p - a = 0 is studied and shown to have degree pq[superscript]p-(p-1)•(q-1). The Galois group is found to be generated by four independent generators: s, t, u, v subject to eleven defining relations. Here the elements s, t, u, v are the automorphisms which respectively map [formula omitted] onto [formular omitted], ⍺ onto ⍺[superscript r, [formula omitted] onto [formula omitted] β onto β [superscript]where w is a primitive root modulo q. A partial lattice diagram illustrates the correspondence of subgroups and subflelds. The thesis was carried out under the supervision of Dr. D. C. Murdoch.

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