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Linear transformations of symmetric tensor spaces which preserve rank 1 Cummings, Larry


If r > 1 is an integer then U(r) denotes the vector space of r-fold symmetric tensors and Pr[U] is the set of rank 1 tensors in U(r). Let U be a finite-dimensional vector space over an algebraically closed field of characteristic not a prime p if r = p[formula omitted] for some positive integer k. We first determine the maximal subspaces of rank 1 symmetric tensors. Suppose h is a linear mapping of U(r) such that h(Pr[U]) ⊆ Pr[U] and ker h ⋂ Pr[U] = 0. We have shown that every such h is induced by a non-singular linear mapping of U, provided dim U > r+1 . This work partially answers a question raised by Marcus and Newman (Ann. of Math., 75, (1962) p.62.).

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