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An analysis of multidimensional contingency talbes Mast, Lilian G. (Feuerverger)


In this thesis we consider the following model for a three-dimensional r ˣ s ˣ t contingency table: [formula omitted]. A dot indicates summation over the replaced subscript. The f[formula omitted]’s represent the frequencies and the P[formula omitted]'s represent the proportions. The problem we are concerned with is testing the hypothesis H₀: [formula omitted] = 0 for all i, j, k. i.e. no second order interaction is present. We then seek to extend the model and problem to a w-way table. We use the method of the likelihood ratio . To assist us in determining the numerator of the likelihood ratio we reformulate a theorem about constrained extrema and Lagrange multipliers and prove this reformulation. Some general conclusions we draw are: there are two extensions to our 3-way model; results we obtain using our model and methods are in close agreement with results obtained using the models and methods of other statisticians.

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