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French surface : a new technique for surface design Cheng, Zita Sze Ting


We present a new user-friendly paradigm for surface design. The goal is to overcome limitations associated with traditional methods: their dependence on freehand controlling and their rigid mathematical structures. Our solution is inspired by the drafter's tool known as French curves, which are used as templates for tracing curves. This project considers its analogue in one higher dimension, namely 3D surfaces. A carefully defined and intuitively arranged set of French surfaces is given to the user to choose from. The selected surfaces are then connected together to form the final model. The potential of this approach is explored with our prototyping system, FRENCH SURFACE, where models are constructed via aggregated blendings of chosen French surfaces. Triangulated point-sets are used to engage a structure-free representation, and data structuring algorithms are integrated to ensure an efficient blending. The current system supports the creation of objects topologically homeomorphic to a sphere or a plane. Users' experiences demonstrate that the FRENCH SURFACE system is intuitive, robust, and easy to comprehend.

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