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Fluid flow in horizontal injection regimes Shook, Andrew A.


Physical and mathematical modelling studies have been performed to investigate liquid flow driven by a horizontally injected gas. The experimental work consisted of water velocity measurements made at 100 locations within a plexiglass tank. Air was introduced into the tank through a series of side-mounted tuyeres, and the effect of air flowrate on water recirculation velocity was observed. The results of the experiments indicate that the maximum water velocity occurs at the water surface. The effect of bubbles coalescing from adjacent tuyeres was observed with increasing air flowrate, and was found to diminish the water recirculation rate. The mathematical model employed a variant of the Marker and Cell (MAC) technique to compute fluid flow with a free surface. The model predictions indicate that the flow in the experimental tank is largely driven by water flowing across the free surface. Based on this knowledge, qualitative predictions of the flow regimes in a Peirce-Smith copper converter and a zinc slag fuming furnace were made.

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