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Mathematical model of the SL/RN direct reduction process Venkateswaran, V.


A mathematical model has been developed to predict the operating behaviour of an SL/RN direct reduction kiln from a knowledge of the main process variables. The model is based on steady state principles and is capable of quantitatively describing the complex chemical reactions in the kiln such as reduction, Boudouard reaction, coal volatilization and combustion in the freeboard together with the mass and heat flows. Output from the model is in the form of axial profiles of gas, solids and wall temperatures, and concentrations in both the gas and the solid phases. Results from the model are in good agreement with measurements made on the 100 ton per day pilot kiln at the Steel Company of Canada. The influence of important process variables such as the type of coal, ore, degree of reduction, throughput etc. has been examined and predictions made regarding the operation of large commercial SL/RN kilns for sponge iron production.

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