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Deformation behaviour of a model aluminum-brass two phase material Bathla, Rajat


The present work is primarily concerned with investigating the relationship between the mechanical properties and the volume fraction and the geometrical distribution of a second phase a two-phase model material where plasticity occurs in both phases. The deformation behaviour of two-phase materials with elastic reinforcements has been widely studied in the literature. However, relatively few studies have examined two-phase materials where both phases have elastic-plastic properties and deform plastically under an applied far field strain. The mechanical response for such a two-phase material has been studied experimentally and with a finite element model for an aluminum/brass model composite. In this model composite, AA6061 age hardening alloy is used as a matrix phase and C3600- brass fibres are used as reinforcement phase. Samples were made by extrusion at room temperature followed by a variety of heat treatments. The heat treatments were carefully controlled to vary the relative properties of the fibres and matrix. Fibre volume fractions of 20 % with square or triangular arrangements and 35 % with a square arrangement were tested using plane strain deformation experiments where the fibre axis was transverse to the loading axis. The results indicate that strain partitioning between the two phases is very sensitive to the yield stress and work hardening characteristics of the different phases. The geometric arrangement of the second phase had little influence on the macroscopic stress-strain response but significantly affected the pattern of local deformation in the matrix.

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