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Loss of reactive elements during electroslag processing of iron-base alloys Etienne, Michel


Oxidative losses of reactive elements during Electroslag Remelting have been investigated in the alloys AISI 321 stainless steel and Maraging 300 steel which contain titanium and in 1409 Al steel, containing aluminium. Attention has been devoted to the influence of various melt parameters, i.e., the partial pressure of oxygen in the atmosphere, the composition of the slag in relation to its oxygen potential and mass transport properties, the type of current, the polarity of operation and the melt rate. A distinction is made between actual oxidative losses and composition variations which may result from the removal of inclusions during the remelting process. Kinetic models are proposed for the rate of transfer of oxygen and alloying elements between the various phases present, and are compared with the experimental data obtained in this work or collected from the literature.

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