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Hydrolysis of aluminum sulphate solutions at high temperatures Nikolic, Cvetko


Normal and acid aluminum sulphate solutions containing about 6.0 gr/1 of aluminum and up to 50 gr/1 SO₄⁼ were hydrolyzed until equilibrium was reached in the temperature region 125-250°C. Under the equilibrium conditions the only stable solid phase observed in equilibrium with a liquid phase of various compositions was basic aluminum sulphate with nominal formula 3A1₂0₃..4S0₃.9H₂O. A small portion of the ternary diagrams for the system A1₂O₃-SO₃-H₂O at 225°C and 250°C was constructed. A mixture of aluminum sulphate and other metal sulphates, K₂S0₄, Na₂S0₄, Li₂SO₄, FeSO₄ and CuSO₄ i.e. was hydrolyzed at 225°C in order to find the effect of these salts on hydrolysis. The overall hydrolysis reaction was found to occur according to the chemical equation: 6A1⁺⁺⁺+ 4HS0₄⁻ + 14H₂O ⃗ 3Al₂0₃.4S0₃.9H₂0 + 14H⁺ The equilibrium constants at 125, 150, 175, 200, 225 and 250°C were determined. Finally a mechanism for the hydrolysis of aluminum sulphate was proposed.

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