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A study of submerged gas jets injected horizontally into liquid metals Oryall, Gregory N.


The physical characteristics of a submerged air jet injected horizontally into a bath of mercury were studied under isothermal, non-reactive conditions for nozzle diameters of 0.325 cm. and 0.476 cm. and over a range of modified Froude numbers with values from 20 to 300. A specially-designed electro-resistivity probe allowed the measurement of gas volume fraction and bubble frequency at all points within the jet. The distribution of these values has been expressed as a series of contour maps on a grid-sequence of orthogonal planes. Jet cone angle, diameter, and penetration distances were measured and compared to values obtained under similar conditions in the air-water system. The events occurring in the development of a submerged gas jet in a liquid were studied by means of highspeed cinematic photography in the air-water system. Mathematical models predicting jet behaviour have been examined in the air-mercury system and the extrapolation of experimental results to industrial copper converting and steelmaking operations has been discussed.

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