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Deformation characteristics of w-zn composites. Bala, Sathish Rao


The deformation characteristics of continuous tungsten fibre-reinforced zinc composites have been investigated. Composites with a single crystal matrix containing up to 4.5 volume per cent of tungsten fibres were studied. The stress-strain curves of W-Zn composites showed positive deviations from the "rule of mixture" predictions. Theoretical work attributes the positive deviations to matrix hardening due to either one of the phenomena: (a) the difference in the lateral contractions of the fibre and the matrix; (b) the pile up of dislocations in the matrix at the matrix-fibre interface. In the present work the positive deviations in the elastic-plastic region of the stress-strain curves of the composites have been attributed to both (a) and (b). The positive deviations in the ultimate tensile strengths of the composites have been attributed to (b). Composites containing up to 0.08 volume per cent of the tungsten wires deformed even after the fracture of the fibres. Dissolution of the matrix of these deformed composites showed that multiple necking had occurred in the fibres fractured to 1-5 mms length. Composites containing greater than 0.08 volume per cent of tungsten fibres fractured by cleaving through the basal plane of the matrix. No fibre fracture inside the matrix was seen except at the fracture end of the composite. Multiple necking of the fibres near the fractured end has been seen only in those composites which have deformed more than the free fibres tested individually.

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