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Transformation elasticity in polycrystaline Cu-Zn-Sn alloy Dvorak, Ilja


A study has been made of the elasticity associated with the martensite transformation in the polycrystalline β-phase alloy of composition Cu-33.6 wt. % Zn-4 wt. % Sn tested at room temperature. The mechanical properties of the material undergoing the stress induced martensite transformation have been examined. These properties are influenced by the elastic anisotropy of the bcc β-phase, the development, preferential distribution and morphology and the mechanical properties of the transformation product. The elastic shape change associated with the elastically accommodated, stress-induced martensitic transformation was always found to be accompanied by some plastic deformation. A relationship between the β-grain size, the sample thickness and the deformation response was observed. Specimens with grains extending through the sample thickness exhibited large reversible strains (∼2.5%), whereas specimens with a much smaller grain size/thickness ratio (

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