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Study of boiling heat transfer on a stationary downward facing hot steel plate cooled by a circular water jet Zhang, Peng


The controlled cooling of steel on the runout table is crucial to the desired microstructural evolution in the manufacturing process and desired mechanical properties of the final product. The purpose of this study is to improve our fundamental knowledge of heat transfer on the runout table by investigating transient heat transfer on a downward facing hot surface cooled by a highly subcooled single circular free surface jet of water. Both surface and interior temperatures of the plate were collected at conditions as close as possible to industrial conditions. A two-dimensional inverse heat conduction model including the effect of progression of the rewetting front on heat transfer was developed, validated and employed to estimate heat fluxes on the bottom of plate. The influence of jet subcooling and flow rate on heat transfer was discussed. Boiling heat transfer correlations were tested with data from the current study and the cooling efficiency of bottom jets was compared with corresponding top jet cooling data from the literature.

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