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Mathematical modelling of the high temperature constitutive behaviour of as-cast AA5182 aluminum alloy Alhassan-Abu, Abdul-Rahman


Compression, tension and cyclical compression-tension tests were done using the Gleeble 1500 thermomechanical simulator at the University of British Columbia to measure the constitutive behaviour in an as-cast AA5182 aluminum alloy. The temperatures (i.e., 250-500°C) and strain rates (1E-5 – 1s⁻¹) used for the tests were chosen to represent typical conditions experienced in the solid phase during DC casting due to thermally induced deformations which occur during cooling. Using the measurement results, a constitutive relationship using Garofalo's hyperbolic sine relationship was developed and tabular data relating stress to strain at various strain rates and temperatures was also generated. The experiments done on the Gleeble 1500 machine were also simulated using the commercial finite element code ABAQUS™. Various methods within ABAQUS were used to numerically simulate the inelastic behaviour of the material during the deformation and included a hyperbolic sine creep law, strain rate dependent plasticity using tabular data and strain rate independent plasticity. The results predicted by the models developed within ABAQUS were then verified by comparing the predicted results to measurements made using the Gleeble 1500 thermal mechanical simulator under different temperature and strain rate conditions than originally used to develop the constitutive relationships. The results indicated that within ABAQUS the most accurate way to simulate stress strain behaviour that occurs during DC casting is to use strain rate dependent plasticity.

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