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Recovery and recrystallization kinetics of continuous and ingot cast AA5754 Sarkar, Sujay


The influence of processing route (continuous casting versus ingot casting) on the recovery and recrystallization behaviour during isothermal annealing of cold rolled AA5754 was examined. Industrially produced continuous and ingot cast AA5754 material was supplied by Alcan and a series of annealing tests were conducted in a salt bath at temperatures ranging from 200°C to 375°C for various lengths of times. Recovery and recrystallization kinetics were examined by analyzing the change in the mechanical properties of the material as a function of time and temperature. Differences in the recrystallized microstructure for both the continuous and ingot cast AA5754 were also examined in terms of recrystallized grain size and recrystallized texture. The results of the present study indicate that the ingot cast AA5754 exhibits a faster recovery and recrystallization behaviour compared to the continuous cast material. The absence of the homogenization treatment in the continuous cast AA5754, has been identified as the critical difference in the processing. The homogenization step effects the evolution and distribution of the dispersoid precipitates and associated change in the solid solution content, which thereby influences the softening kinetics of the continuous cast material. The present study also provides a comprehensive characterization of final recrystallized microstructure for continuous and ingot cast AA5754.

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