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The decomposition of pyrite and other sulphide minerals by sulphur chloride McElroy, Roderick Owen


The reactions of pyrite (FeS₂) and other sulphide minerals with liquid sulphur chloride (S₂Cl₂) have been investigated in an attempt to develop a process for the extraction of metals such as Fe, Pb, Cu, Mo, etc. from sulphide minerals using S₂Cl₂ (with or without dissolved sulphur) as both the solvent and reactant. For this purpose, flotation concentrates and synthetic mineral powders of various particle sizes were reacted at temperatures in the range 40-150°C with S₂Cl₂ containing 0-40 weight percent dissolved sulphur. Pyrite, chalcopyrite (CuFeS₂) and galena (PbS) reacted with excess S₂Cl₂ to form solid metal chlorides (FeCl₃, CuCl₂, PbCl₂) and dissolved sulphur. Pyrite " 2

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