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Thermal crown development in hot strip mill work rolls and the role of spray cooling Ye, Xing


The objective of this investigation was to determine the influence of work roll cooling on roll thermal behavior. The investigation has been conducted utilizing a previously developed computer model [1]. Three industrial operations were evaluated and features of an optimum configuration have been identified. The magnitude of the thermal zone near the roll surface within which the cyclic temperature variation is confined has been evaluated for different roll cooling conditions. A two dimensional thermal model of a work roll has been developed to predict the thermal field inside the roll, based on which the thermal crown of the roll was calculated under an assumption of axi-symmetric deformation. The heat transfer equation was solved by the numerical finite difference method, the Alternating Direction Implicit (ADI) method. This method makes it possible to solve the problem on a personal computer making it suitable for industrial application due to the minimum requirements of computer storage and time. Also because the thermal model simulates operating conditions including the cooling configuration it is of value in studying a variety of industrial rolling conditions. The influence of roll spray arrangement, roll gap heat transfer and mill pacing on roll thermal crown has been investigated.

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