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Kinetics of lead concentrate oxidation in a stagnant gas reactor Salomon de Friedberg, Adam Maciej


The behaviour of lead concentrate particles oxidizing in a stagnant gas reactor has been examined and a mathematical model which predicts the kinetics of galena particles developed. The effects of oxygen concentration, particle size, furnace temperature and concentrate composition were studied. The results showed that the concentrates all exhibited sharply defined ignition points. The ignition points were found to be strongly dependent on oxygen concentration. Reductions in ignition temperature of up to 100 K were observed when the concentrates were reacted in pure oxygen rather than in air. Iron composition was found to have a similar effect on ignition temperature. The modelling results predict short reaction times for ignited particles (less than 100 milliseconds). Particles which ignited in air attained predicted temperatures in excess of 2600 K. In oxygen, particle temperatures were calculated to be greater than 2800 K. Good agreement was found between experimental results and model predictions.

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